How to Register a .AE Domain Name

How to Register a .AE Domain Name

The History of .ae Domain Names

The first .ae domain name dates back to 1992 but the first wave of popularity was seen between 1995 and 2003 when the domain name was made available by the national internet provider under the UAEnic brand in a bundle with the internet and other business plans. Later on, the domain name gained more popularity due to Dubai city becoming a global hub for business, real estate, and tourism and the country flourished with an investment boom.

In 2008, the .ae domain name got a “facelift” when it was delegated to the .ae domain name administration (aeDA) which is a unit under the TRA. The whole operational framework and polices have been revised to serve a wider audience and provide a clear and transparent policy for individuals and businesses to book domains via a wide network of accredited registrars that undergo a process to operate and maintain domains.

The Popularity of the UAE Domain Name

The .ae domain name is widely used across the country and the internet in general. Most international and multinational companies start their local presence by booking a .ae domain name to underline that they are a UAE based entity or have intentions in serving the local customers.

As of 2019, there are approximately 230,000+ domain names registered across the .ae zone. This also includes domains in the zones related to the .ae such as,, and the Arabic domain script .Emarat (امارات.) which is not as popular as the Latin script domains.

Overall, if you ever drive around the city, you will witness numerous billboards and banners of local internet companies showing off their address on UAE’s internet. As the slogan of the domain name says:

If it is in the UAE, it’s gotta be .AE!

By booking a .ae domain name and using it in your email address, website, and social media, you will surely send the message to your customers that you are a UAE-based company and you are serving the local consumers in this region.

How to Choose the Right Domain for My Website

We have been in business for over a decade and you will have to trust us with the following advice. The domain name must be short, easy to remember, and clearly state your brand name. However, it’s not always easy as it seems to be due to the fact that the domain names are widely used and the competition for names (yes there is a competition for domains just like for prime office location and space) is high.

If your brand name is unique and one of a kind, then chances are high that you will find the exact match of your domain name without any additional words and terms. In most cases, the first choice of your domain name will not be available or might be even listed for sale (there is an aftermarket for domain names just like for unique phone numbers, art items, etc).

The good news is that by using the domain name checker on our website, you will be able to search and brainstorm for domain ideas using our domain name booking engine which will search across 100+ domain name extensions such as .com domain, and others and even offer you recommendations based on similar names that you are looking for

Requirements to Register a .AE Domain

The .ae domain name registry (the aeDA) has a set of transparent and well-defined policies that explain the whole process and the life cycle of the domain name. In general terms, the .ae domain name is an open and unrestricted zone. This means that any person from any country can register a domain name through an easy online process without the requirement of submitting any documentation or paperwork.

While some other providers ask for documents such as ID, trade license, etc these are usually an internal requirement of the said provider and not the official requirements.

On the other hand, some domain names such as and fall under the “restricted zone” and require certain documentation in order to register the name.

With, you can register your .ae domain names instantly online with zero paperwork and you can even get the .ae domain name for FREE as a part of our web hosting bundles.